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The services offered by Neil Pike Architects provide our clients with the various areas of expertise required in the property industry.

We can quickly and efficiently assess the feasibility of any type of project and advise our client accordingly.

A creative and commercial appraisal is taken with each project yielding better values, increased profits and fundamentally an eye for opportunity frequently overlooked by our competitors. We find space in tight situations, through creativity, innovation and enterprise.

We have vast experience and knowledge in all building types and bring together all disciplines for an integrated approach to design.

We recognise the importance of corporate and political image and respond by creating designs of the highest quality. Having this level of expertise has led Neil Pike Architects to working on projects from San Diego, Cleveland and Miami, to Libya, Turkey and China.

We pride ourselves on the step-by-step guidance with which we nurture our clients through the property development process, which we believe is the reason our services have been utilised across the globe.